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Sera pH/KH minus 250ml

Sera pH/KH minus 250ml

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Some species of fish (eg trays and angelfish) have adapted to very soft water and require similar conditions to reproduce. However, the water may have a fairly high carbonate hardness (KH), or the pH may have risen sharply through metabolic processes, even when other fish species are preserved. In these cases, sera pH / KH-minus offers reliable and fast support. The pH and KH values ??are reduced immediately, accurately, and precisely adjusted. This creates suitable conservation conditions which contribute significantly to the vitality and well-being of the fish.
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Adjust the carbonate hardness, KH, to 4 ° dKH with sera pH / KH-minus and then use sera super peat peat in the filter to permanently maintain tropical soft water conditions.
Recommended dosage:
To reduce carbonate hardness (KH) by about 1 ° dKH per day, add 5ml sera pH / KH-minus for every 20 liters of water in the aquarium, to reduce KH and pH, for immediate help in case of acute ammonia poisoning, for water improvement using sera super peat (adjust KH to 4 ° dKH with sera pH / KH-minus, and then create permanent soft water conditions with sera super peat).
Repeat daily until the desired result is achieved. Do not add more than double the daily dose, as abrupt changes in KH of more than two degrees are not well received by all living beings! Oxygenate well during application. Do not allow KH to fall below 3 ° dKH (watch with sera kH-Test), as there is a risk of a sharp drop in pH!
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