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SUNSUN Automatic Feeder

Automatic feeding of dry food fish. Once activated, it runs automatically once every 12 hours. You can also use manual (M button) to run it once at any time. The capacity of the food container is 175 ml, you can adjust the size of the valve to check the number of each feeding.
For many different species of fish.Adjust the food output according to your needs.Automatic feeding of fish when you are not at home.Set the timer (12/24 hours or 8/12/24 hours) as needed.Easy to use, simple operation and installation, manual and automatic.The moisture-resistant hopper keeps food fresh and hosts most types of food, such as flakes, pellets...

SunSun Cooling Fan JF-001

Cooling Fan JF is an aquarium cooling fan. Silent, with a new new design, it can be applied on the edge of the pool with the supplied pliers. Easy to assemble, adjustable. Reduces the water temperature by a good 3 ° C.For aquariums up to 50 liters
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