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The company aquariumshop.gr specializes in the import of live aquatic organisms, fresh and sea water as well as the equipment needed for an aquarium.

Our philosophy is to offer high quality live decorative fish, equipment and consumables at the most affordable prices, always respecting our customers and the organizations we trade with.

Aquariumshop.gr has and provides peripherals and consumables from the most reputable companies in the field. The products we offer and the companies that provide them are always checked for their quality and reliability.

For nature lovers and for those who want to give their space an exotic hue, aquariums are the answer to their request. The installation of an aquarium in your space also brings other types of "privileges". It brings you in contact with the mysterious underwater world and the sense of calm that the water and the relaxed movements of the fish create for you, restores your inner peace, while removing you from the intense rhythms and stress of everyday life.

Our main object is to guide you correctly, in order to create aquariums that will offer you such spiritual pleasures, while at the same time you will give your space a special artistic point of view.

The necessary aquarium equipment is provided adequately and the wide variety of products and living marine organisms we have, gives you the opportunity to create your own marine microcosm. In addition, for this purpose, we have aquarium fish for sale.

We are able to provide you with decorative elements for the creation of your aquarium as well as water filters and special light bulbs, while all the necessary aquarium equipment is sold, which has to do with feeding and maintaining the aquarium fish. your.

Navigate to our website and let your imagination create the ideal aquarium, with supplies the products we provide.

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