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Hikari First Bites 10gr

Hikari First Bites 10gr

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Rich in excellent nutrients, recent harvest such as high quality fishmeal provides a superior source of protein rich in amino acids. Hikari® Tropical First Bites® offers a uniquely balanced nutrient profile for the all-important developmental stage of your fish life and promotes proper eating habits. This semi-floating food allows newborns at all levels of the aquarium to have easy access to the required nutrition.

For best results, feed your fish daily as often as possible within 2 to 3 minutes. Care should be taken to avoid frequent food consumption, as it can cause malnutrition. For best results, feed up to four times a day an amount of food that can be consumed within a minute.
For medium and bottom water feeders
Immerse in a cup of aquarium water before feeding. This will make the food sink faster, giving the newborn access to nutrition.
For live carriers (ovoviviparous)
They can consume HikariFirst bites immediately after birth.
For egg layers (spawning)
They use their yolk sac for food immediately after birth. Start feeding Hikari First bites before the yolk sac is fully consumed.
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