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Red Sea ReefLed 160S
Red Sea ReefLed 160S

Red Sea ReefLed 160S

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The ReefLED series is the result of many years of research into the lighting needs of corals in artificial environments. Uniquely designed with light intensity and spectrum used 100% by corals, ReefLED lights are 100% safe for reefs & 100% REEF-SPEC, providing optimum growth, vibrant colors and an elegant soft glow throughout the aquarium. ReefLED 160S combines 160W LED light REEF-SPEC & Reef-Safe. ReefLED is safe for reefs as it provides ideal PAR values ??throughout the aquarium, without hotspots or areas with insufficient light for coral growth.
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At the heart of the unit is a single, compact LED array, which provides 160W REEF-SPEC & Reef-Safe LED light. Includes 140W multi-wavelength 23,000 Kelvin REEF-SPEC Blue (an exclusive combination of blue, violet and ultraviolet LED), along with 20 W of 9,000 Kelvin White and a separate 3W channel for moonlight. This array activates a wide range of REEF – SPEC light that will please both you and your corals.
Dimensions: 18 * 16 * 6.4cm
140w Reef-Spec Blue
20w White
3w Moonlight
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