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Ocean Nutrition Reef Pulse 10 gr

Ocean Nutrition Reef Pulse 10 gr

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Reef Pulse, a high quality coral food powder, is an innovative blend of selected zooplankton and phytoplankton catering to the unique nutritional needs of many SPS and LPS coral species, tube worms and other omnivorous filter feeders. The wide particle size range from 5 to 400 micron makes it an ideal diet for a large variety of coral species. They will show faster growth and more intense coloration, when fed regularly with Reef Pulse.

Reef Pulse can be used with 2 different feeding methods: target feeding or tank feeding, according to the following feeding instructions.
Ingredients: Marine copepods, krill, squid, fish proteins, yeast, artemia nauplii, mussels, marine fish eggs, marine micro algae.
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