TUNZE Osmolator Universal [3155.000]

Water level regulator with two sensors suitable for use in cabin filters, Comline φί filters or directly on the edge of the aquarium. High technology - for a reliable water level in the aquarium. An optical mini sensor detects the water level accurately. everything, works visually and an alarm sounds in case of failure. Unnecessary security: the main...
Electronically controlled by Turbelle® ... Controller. Microprocessor controlled PM motor operating safely at extremely low voltage from 12 V to 24 V. Blocking and dry protection.Skimmer cup (o160 mm (6.2 in.)) ... with a large capacity also contains the foam reactor. can be easily removed.The reinforcing ring. The outlet of the skimmer allows perfect...

TUNZE nanostream 6015

The Turbelle® nanostream® is a compact propeller pump for nano and medium-sized aquariums and is capable of convincing through its organic ball-shaped design, as well as a three-dimensional current flow that is adjustable in any direction without additional accessories. The pump contains a very large intake filter for the absorbed water, which helps to...

Sera siporax 1lt

The authentic sera siporax Professional is suitable for use in both fresh and saltwater aquariums, as well as in lakes. Regardless of the type of filter (internal filter / external filter / reactor), it maximizes the area required for biological cleaning and provides the optimal substrate for the growth of the necessary filter bacteria.

ΤUNZE Aquawind [7028.900]

The low noise aquarium ventilator has a 5V low voltage power supply unit. In addition, it comes with an attachment clamp, which can be used for any aquarium edge up to 25 mm (.98 "). Typically aquariums, the cooling can range from 1 ° to 2 ° C (1.8 to 3.6 ° F) to 500 liters (132 USgal.). Dual speed adjustment, with power supply and general base.
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