Carbon dioxide dispenser, used to increase dissolved CO2 levels in freshwater aquariums when space is tight. Attaches to the edge of the aquarium, with a glass thickness of 15 mm (2/3 "), with a magnetic base and ensures the distribution of up to four CO2 bubbles per second. water and mix it well with CO2. The effective diffuser ensures that it does not...
Pressure gauge and bubble gauge. Designed for Dennerle CO 2 disposable cylinders as well as adaptable for reusable cylindersCO 2 with the addition of an adapter.
The ceramic diffuser sprays CO2 into thousands of tiny bubbles. This leads to a multiple increase in the contact area between the CO2 and the aquarium water, as a result of which the CO2 dissolves quickly and efficiently in the water.
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is the main nutrient of plants and allows the pH to be adjusted to slightly acidic values, as desired by a wide variety of plants and fish. The sera CO2-Start lubrication system is easy to install and operate. It is ideal for the very popular and smaller aquariums up to about 120 liters. The sera CO2-Start consists of a distinctive...

Dennerle Carbo Test Crystal

Complete set for continuous and direct CO2 measurement in mg / lt. Includes pH measurements. High quality crystal.
For the continuous and accurate control of CO2 in our aquarium. The coloration of the specific CO2 index varies depending on the CO2 content.Blue: It does not have enough CO2Green: Ideal CO2Yellow: Excess CO2It provides a completely simple and reliable means of setting the right level of CO2 supply. Conventional long-term CO2 tests are filled with a...
The production and supply of CO 2 takes place completely automatically and in the right quantities. Nothing needs to be adjusted or measured. Absolute simplicity and convenience. After just a few weeks of CO 2 fertilization, the results become apparent: Plant growth is substantially improved, the plants are greener, stronger and more vibrant.

Dennerle CO2 solenoid valve

To control the supply of CO2 via alternative means:Time switchpH controllerAquarium computerMaintenance-free3-year guaranteeSafe splash-proof design
Complete set for continuous and direct CO2 measurement in mg / lt. Includes pH measurements. High quality crystal.
Securely protects CO2 devices from backflowing water.With permanently elastic, CO2 window special membrane.
CO2 bubble counter. Accurately determine the amount of CO2 injected. Made by experienced craftsmenwith high quality glass.
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