Neptune Systems Automatic Feeding System

Feed your fish consistently and safely while you are at home or away. AFS is designed to feed almost any correct size of beads or flakes. A common issue for most aquarium feeders is the moisture that enters the food, causing it to accumulate or even clog the food. The AFS has a motorized food delivery system that expands automatically as well as the food...

SUNSUN Automatic Feeder

Automatic feeding of dry food fish. Once activated, it runs automatically once every 12 hours. You can also use manual (M button) to run it once at any time. The capacity of the food container is 175 ml, you can adjust the size of the valve to check the number of each feeding.

OASE Fishguard Automatic Feeder

The automatic fish feeder supplies the fish in the aquarium around the clock. Up to four feedings with three dosages each can be pre-programmed per day via an LCD display. This makes it ideal for use in large aquariums with large fish populations, while the special sealing mechanism protects the food from moisture. A power supply unit can be purchased...
For many different species of fish.Adjust the food output according to your needs.Automatic feeding of fish when you are not at home.Set the timer (12/24 hours or 8/12/24 hours) as needed.Easy to use, simple operation and installation, manual and automatic.The moisture-resistant hopper keeps food fresh and hosts most types of food, such as flakes, pellets...

OASE Bracket for Fishguard

The Bracket FishGuard allows you to easily attach the FishGuard to the side of your aquariumIdeal for aquariums without ledges or preferred placementAdd for long term useAdd and remove for short term use as frequently as needed

D-D Jumpguard Feeding Portal

D-D JumpGuard Feeding PortalInstalled directly onto the mesh of your Jumpguard or any other brand of mesh cover, this convenient feed portal provides a convenient place to feed your fish and corals. This simple accessory can be attached anywhere on the mesh and eliminates the need to lift the edge of your cover while feeding
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