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Vertex Cleaner-Mag Hexaplex

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Vertex Cleaner-Mag Hexaplex is a triple magnetic cleaner designed for large surfaces. The outer magnet is sealed in pure acrylic which gives an elegant and modern aesthetic while protecting the magnet from corrosion. The inside also uses the same method of sealing with pure acrylic but also has a cleaning pad that works extremely well in removing stubborn...

Ocean Nutrition seaweed clips

The Seaweed Clip is an excellent tool for feeding the "Seaweed Selects" from Ocean Nutrition. In order to keep grazers fit, algae needs to be readily available. The clip is for use underwater and adheres easily to acrylic or glass surfaces thanks to its suction cup. This clip has a stronger and longer gripping surface than other clips on the market. The...

Ocean Nutrition Grid Feeder Clip

The Grid Feeding Clip is the perfect tool for feeding marine Butterfly fish and other "picky" or delicate feeding marine tropical. In their natural environment, marine Butterfly fish, Angels, Tangs and many others spend the whole day picking food off surfaces such as coral heads and live rocks. Fish with protruding snouts such as Lo vulpinus and...
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