Dennerle Nano HangOn Thermometer

Full glass thermometerNarrow bar shape to hang on the edge of the aquariumMagnifying glass effect when hang on in curved cornerSuitable for glass thickness up to 6 mm

OASE biOrb Digital Thermometer

The BiOrb digital thermometer provides an accurate and easy way to monitor the temperature levels in your aquarium. Suitable for any aquarium size and style, the BiOrb digital thermometer is quick and easy to install thanks to its simple suction cup. The easy-to-read clear digital display shows the water temperature in ° C and is powered by a battery...

OASE Digital Thermometer

The Digital Thermometer provides simple, no mess aquarium temperature readingsAdhesive backing easily allows you to stick this thermometer to the exterior of your aquarium for secure placementSensor is pressed tightly against the tank exterior to ensure accurate readings of the water temperatureButton allows convenient switching between Fahrenheit and...
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